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CharityWebDev is part of DesignBySimon. It's still web development, but cheaper...because I want to give a little help to the people who selflessly run them. If you're on this page, you've probably come from one of the sites I've developed.

As is the case for my other developments, CharityWebDev sites are all developed in Wix. Charities have a unique set of challenges compared to most other companies - they absolutely need a web site but most have financial challenges - so they can't afford the development costs associated with the site they want. And, for the same reason, they definitely can't afford to pay for the updates that everyone needs, as business conditions change.

Wix allows me to develop websites faster, which is important to me, given the discounted rates I offer to charities. To address the maintenance, I offer charities minor mods for free and major mods at a 50% discount to my usual hourly rates. It's hard to put a value on that but, if you've been involved in website maintenance before, you'll understand.

I can quickly implement all the key features of a charity web site in Wix - a home page describing the charity and hooking your target users to a call-to-action of some kind. News pages, videos, donation pages, forms, databases, events pages (with full invitation and RSVP tracking), CRM, membership communities...everything you might need. And on top of all that, I will take care of Search Engine Optization too...which some consultants offer as a stand alone service, but I provide to charities for free.

See My Work

So far, all the companies I have worked with have developed sufficient skills in Wix to make changes in their site themselves. This is virtually impossible to do in Wordpress...the learning curve is just too steep. To learn more about my capabilities, pick one of the options below.

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