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About Me

After living in Silicon Valley for the last 25 years, I moved back to England in 2019 with my wife. I wasn't ready to retire, so I wanted to do something I enjoyed and give something back to my community. So I started developing websites for charities, and more recently opened up to other engaging with other businesses too.

I've been designing web sites for myself and friends for decades - first simple HTML, then adding CSS and databases. But web development has become more complicated in the last few years - mobile first, video-heavy, data-centric sites are all the rage and you've got to deliver your message, with higher impact than ever, before your competitors do. You've got to hook your audience and you really need a full time designer on your staff. But you don't have the funding for it.

Sound familiar? There's a simple alternative. Work with a micro agency like mine.

I'm the whole company and I have no plans to expand. I'll be the one who chats about your goals for the site. I'll keep asking questions until I understand exactly what you and, equally importantly, your site-visitors need from your site.

Then I will get busy on developing it. No teams of people who don't really understand what you're trying to achieve. Just me...realising your vision. No communications issues as you're handed from sales to I am both of those things.

I'll be your part time web guru. I'll take on your development work for a reasonable price and, for charities, I will provide lifetime support on the site, for minor edits. Anything more than minor edits, we'll agree a reasonable cost and I'll get on with it. I'm easy to work with. Just ask my previous clients.

I only design on Wix today. If you want to read about the reasons why in detail, I've laid it all out on the "Why Wix?" page. Click here to visit that page.

If you want the short version:

  • It has incredibly powerful layout tools available.

  • It's so simple, you can manage your own site when the development is complete.

  • Everything you need is built in.

  • If you want something customized, I can add it with javascript code.

  • It's more secure than Wordpress out-of-the-box

Adopting Wordpress today is akin to buying a diesel car, when electric is clearly the future.

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